Timex Ironman T5F011

If you are looking for reliability in a heart rate monitor, Timex is internationally renowned. Their watches and heart rate monitors are some of the highest quality made, and they are some of the most affordable. The Timex Ironman T5F011 Men’s Bodylink Heart Rate Monitor Watch is no different. This electronic device works much like any other chest strap heart monitor, but with the Timex make, this is more than just a heart monitor. It also can tell time and simultaneously time your runs or bike rides with up to 100 laps memory. It also provides the current latitude and longitude GPS information, as well as your elevation.

With so many useful features, this is one of Timex’s top quality products. If you are a serious athlete looking for a serious training tool, this watch/heart rate monitor will not disappoint. This watch can be used by both runners and cyclists alike.

Timex Ironman T5F011

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