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P90X Day 33 Debbie Siebers

The reason for the title today is because of one of the leg moves I did during my legs and back workout. Tony gave a shout out to the Debbie Siebers 80-20 Speed Squats. Those things really got me good and I felt the burn like crazy in the middle end of the exercise. I was pretty happy when those things were over and I should see some p90x results from them as well. Aside from that I think this was my best workouts of the week. I was able to do huge amounts of pull-ups today and I really felt in the P90x groove.

Probably the biggest news of the day was the use of my new training shoes. I purchased the Nike Free Sparq 09 from zappos.com the other day and they came free shipping yesterday. I liked them so much I wrote a whole shoe review on them and why you should buy shoes online. I even have some pictures. Overall they fit great and really helped me in my lunges today. The lightness of the shoe also made the moves easier, maybe that was why I cranked out so many pull-ups.
Nike - Nike Free Sparq '09 (Anthracite/Challenge Red-Black) - Footwear

After the workout I had my p90x recovery drink which went a long way. Then ate some lunch soon after. Overall a great Friday so far and I’m looking forward to the weekend. I don’t plan on watching too much football as I can’t watch the Deadskins anymore. I guess I’m all over X-Stretch.

Keep it strong, Keep it Risickulous