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P90X Day 67 Yoga X

Half moon was like me landing on it today. A bit of the Neil Armstrong in me was kicking in. Although I do have my conspiracy theories that we never went to the moon, but that is for a different website. I was really able to hold poses for much longer than in the past without much pain. I felt my legs really working smart versus struggling a bit. Again, time is not on my side these days, but I was able to do the Yoga. There was plenty of scattered thoughts running through my head, but they were all positive.

P90x has made me more of a positive person as well. I like seeing P90X.com results for myself, but it fascinates me when people I don’t even know are getting it done as well. This really is a life changer for a lot of people. I hope for the newbies that you just stick with it. Make it your lifestyle for 90 days, then decide. Like I said in many of my older posts, Keep it Strong, Keep it Risicklous.

P90X Day 4

Just when I woke up this morning, thinking this is some serious pounding I’m taking, Yoga X comes along. It sounds like relief, but it is more of a treat. I’m most definitely sore, but feel good at the same time. I also ordered the Recovery Formula today, they of course say is a must, so I will fill you in on that after I start drinking it. It takes a few days to get here so you’ll have to wait just like me.

P90x Recovery Drink

P90x Recovery Drink

I used to do Yoga 3 times a week over 7 years ago and only practiced a little bit, but it has been a good 4 years since I’ve done it. I know how good it is and what it can do for your body and mind. So when I saw Yoga in this routine, it made me think, wow, they really are covering a lot of different methods fitness. Yoga is a piece of mind which brings all these workouts together. It was fantastic, not to mention quite difficult, especially since I have not done any in many years. This was a true test and for any noobs out there, you may struggle for a while, but it will come.

Sun salutation after sun salutation. It is nuts. A great workout, with out the impact. The flow was nice and the experience level was advanced. I was sweating like crazy, but that was ok, that meant I was working hard.

I was impressed with Tony’s skill level and teaching level. A couple family members’ of mine are serious Yoga instructors and have a big following and I’ve learned from them what it takes to do that. It takes years of practice and teachings. It was a nice changeup and I look forward to Day Five.

Have a good one.

Keep it strong, Keep it Risickulous