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P90X Day 15 – Vibram

The start of week three got off to a great start and I stuck to my goals. Pushing it the extra rep where I could and not letting anything stop me. I was able to do more reps, plus I added a few extra and used some support to get even more. It was a true test and I pushed it a long. I know next week, we get away from doing direct muscle workouts as we take a rest in that routine, so I want to take advantage of this time while I had the chance. Pull-ups were a tad weak, but I used a foot rest to reach maximum repetitions. My decline push-ups were extremely tough and I just did what I could with some rests during the sets. It is amazing how tough that exercise can be. A great workout over all and I’m stoked I made my goals.

My ABS are getting stronger, but are still way behind. Ripper X is so hard and I want to be able to complete it so bad, I just have issues with my lower back and my legs. I’m definitely doing more than when I first started, but Tony still kicks my butt. All I can do is keep working.

I’m thinking about getting some new shoes. I would like your thoughts on these things. They may look cooler than they work, but I’m willing to give them a try. Feel free to leave a comment if you tried them or haves them

See the Vibram Five Fingers Classic for Men.

Keep it strong, Keep it Risickulous