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P90X Day 29 – Getting Back into Muscle Building

Wowy is what they say on the Beachbody.com web site and in all the DVD’s of the P90X routine. Today was a day where you need to be prepared to do battle. Yes, I worked really hard during recovery week, but coming back into muscle building doing Chest, Shoulders and Triceps was brutal. I pushed and I pushed until I blew myself down. These exercises were killer. Many I’ve never seen before which made it that much better. By the way, this is not a complaint this is me telling you people just starting out to be prepared after recovery weeks, because Tony Horton knows how to roll.

Pike Press was a nice feature I’ve never done before, but the one armed push ups were just super sets if you ask me. There were plenty of tricep extensions as well. Finding the right weight for some of these exercises was tough, so of course I wrote down what I did and made notes for next time. I was supposed to pick up some new dumbbells at Dick’s sporting goods this weekend, but the kids were a little anxious to go home, so I’ll have to go out this week and get them.

Bowflex-SelectTech-1090-Dumbbells - A lot of People say they are worth the Money

Bowflex-SelectTech-1090-Dumbbells - A lot of People say they are worth the Money

Let’s not forget good ole AB Ripper X. This thing crushed me again. I did feel some improvements on a few of the exercises some I was still struggling. Mason twists are crazy fun at the end. Plyometrics and Day 30 pictures tomorrow, so we’ll see you on the flip side.

Keep it strong, Keep it Risickulous

P90X Day 3

I’m starting to learn that there is definitely a time commitment when it comes to these workouts. I just finished Day three and again I was blown away. This is a complete workout of the Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps. This thing turns your arms into spaghetti and there is no fork to pick them up with. Although this work out is an hour you always have to consider another 15 minutes for Ab Ripper X.

After a couple of pauses and a phone call that had to be taken, I ran about 85 minutes, which is much more than I would like, but no worries, since I know it is for good reason. Giving your health an extra 25 minutes is well worth it.

Keep pressing play is what they keep saying and I have to say that is the perfect tagline. Working out on the P90x DVD has been amazing so far and I’m looking forward to day four.

Have a good one.

Keep it strong, Keep it Risickulous