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P90X Day 22 – Half Moon

All I can say is Reverse Half Moon. That’s right after 4 DVD’s of Yoga X I nailed the Half Moon and Reverse Half Moon Yoga pose. I can’t say I didn’t stumble a couple of times, but I was able to do the whole sequence. I remember when I was doing Yoga many years ago I loved half moon because of the difficulty, but it felt great to get in it with confidence today. The rest of the routine worked out well. The stomach series was a worker too and I did a push-up on every downward dog pose. I tried to intensify and already hard program.

Tomorrow my wife and I face our toughest challenge yet. A DVD we have not done. We are excited about Core Synergistics and although we’ve heard it is hard we really want to hit it hard. This is one workout that seems to be different than all the rest and being that we are in week four of our 90 days, we plan to kill it.

Keep it strong, Keep it Risickulous