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P90X Day 31 Corn Cob Pull Ups

P90X Day 31 – Corn Cob Pull Ups

As the title suggests today was a day for some meat and potatoes or should I say the Back and Biceps. This was the first day I did the back and bicep workout DVD and it rolled me over just like the other day. I felt like I was in one big super set. Although I know you can hit pause on the DVD, I still felt the break between sets was too fast. Bang Bang Bang. It was one after the other. Corn Cob Pull-ups were insane and if you’ve done them before I think you would agree. The arms turned to spaghetti too early and there was no looking back. In the end, I felt a huge workout on both the back and biceps and maybe next time I will try to slow it up a little to get more out of it. I totally needed the P90X Recovery drink right after the Ab Ripper X section. Working out the Abs gets a bit easier everyday, but no where am I near crushing it.

Tomorrow is a good day for Yoga X.

Protein Shake

Protein Shake

I will most likely start with a protein shake in the morning since I’ve been sticking to phase two of the nutrition plan. I’m totally looking forward to it. If you have a good protein shake recipe please share.

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