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A New Decade for P90X

Here we are in a new decade. You’re reading this blog looking for information on P90X. Now is the time to commit to yourself and your health. Get started today and feel the best you’ve ever felt after 90 days. This is not something you just pick up at the local store. You have to really commit to this program and the changes you want will come.

I finished my 90 days over 30 days ago and I still feel great. Even during the holidays I was still working out. Yes, I slowed down a bunch due to my time constraints, but overall I’m still in amazing shape. I like to motivate people when I think it is very important. Your health may be the most important thing you have going on right now. You’ve seen the P90X infomercials and the results speak for themselves. My P90x Results may give you some motivation as well.

Bring it. Get your exclusive copy today.

P90X Day 58 Plyometrics Jump Training

It was one of those days where either the diet wasn’t right or lack of sleep. Either way, I was dogging it a bit today. I didn’t feel the massive power I had yesterday. I was even yawning at some points. Not good. I did finish the workout today. At times I was feeling really normal, but the extra push was definitely not there. Calories or sleep?

I still can’t believe I’m on day 58. It amazes me that the commitment has stuck. There have been plenty of times where I wasn’t completely motivated, but that is in anything that you do for so long. I’m craving some pizza right now. Oh well, I’ll go have my apple.

P90X Day 44 Plyometrics Training

P90X Day 44 – Plyometrics Training

After yesterdays slow start today was the day for makeup. It was time to get busy with the Plyometrics training and that was exactly what I did. Start to finish I did every exercise all the way through without too much modifications. It felt great when I was done. The only complaint I have is not that it’s high impact, its that my knees do seem to take a beating. I hate that they are in bad shape, because I would hit this thing even harder. I just have to work with what I have.

Tomorrow will begin my countdown of the second half of the 90 days. I’m so happy that I made it this far. I also know deep inside that this was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my health. My P90X results are coming from all over the place. Here is to all those others that are about to reach a milestone.
Keep it strong, Keep it Risickulous

This is for JEFF

P90X Day 16

This was by far the hardest workout I’ve done since starting the P90x regiment back on August 31, 2009. I’m not sure why, but I think my body has been taking a pounding and it is fighting back a bit or I’m not putting in enough good calories (FUEL) in my body. I’ve been drinking the water, but I think I’m below my regulated calorie intake. I still believe it is the overall change in my workouts hitting me harder than ever before.

Plyometrics had me moving and shaking, but some exercises were almost too difficult too finish. I modified where I needed too, but the past two sessions I was able to complete them, so it is making me think a bit. I’m going to ask the message board and see what others think. For now, I’m still going to push it as hard as possible and keep bringing it.

Do some arms tomorrow. Yea Buddy.

Keep it strong, Keep it Risickulous

P90X Day 2

What the hell is plyometrics? This is the first thing I thought when I read the DVD jacket. I knew this was going to be a cardio routine, but was I in for a surprise. Wow, this thing rocks you. Even if your room is cold, you will break a major sweat. After watching and performing plyometrics it became official that I knew what it was.

A lot of power movements and constant flow keep your heart rate up and you working hard. The DVD provides you the whole routine and all you need is some water, a mat and a towel. A great day 2 for sure.

I was working a sweat even in the warm up and what it came down to was patience and making sure I kept breathing. Holding your breathe is the worst thing you can do. I didn’t press pause, but there were times I wish I did. I never really did a cardio routine on DVD or in a gym so this was a great way to get introduced.

Each exercise was different with the same thing in mind. Let your body work in an efficient way and gain strength at the same time. I was blown away at the end and I was more excited I didn’t need to follow it up with the Ab routine. Yikes.

This will definietly burn some calories.

Take care all and we’ll talk Day 3 tomorrow.