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A New Decade for P90X

Here we are in a new decade. You’re reading this blog looking for information on P90X. Now is the time to commit to yourself and your health. Get started today and feel the best you’ve ever felt after 90 days. This is not something you just pick up at the local store. You have to really commit to this program and the changes you want will come.

I finished my 90 days over 30 days ago and I still feel great. Even during the holidays I was still working out. Yes, I slowed down a bunch due to my time constraints, but overall I’m still in amazing shape. I like to motivate people when I think it is very important. Your health may be the most important thing you have going on right now. You’ve seen the P90X infomercials and the results speak for themselves. My P90x Results may give you some motivation as well.

Bring it. Get your exclusive copy today.

P90X Day 33 Debbie Siebers

The reason for the title today is because of one of the leg moves I did during my legs and back workout. Tony gave a shout out to the Debbie Siebers 80-20 Speed Squats. Those things really got me good and I felt the burn like crazy in the middle end of the exercise. I was pretty happy when those things were over and I should see some p90x results from them as well. Aside from that I think this was my best workouts of the week. I was able to do huge amounts of pull-ups today and I really felt in the P90x groove.

Probably the biggest news of the day was the use of my new training shoes. I purchased the Nike Free Sparq 09 from zappos.com the other day and they came free shipping yesterday. I liked them so much I wrote a whole shoe review on them and why you should buy shoes online. I even have some pictures. Overall they fit great and really helped me in my lunges today. The lightness of the shoe also made the moves easier, maybe that was why I cranked out so many pull-ups.
Nike - Nike Free Sparq '09 (Anthracite/Challenge Red-Black) - Footwear

After the workout I had my p90x recovery drink which went a long way. Then ate some lunch soon after. Overall a great Friday so far and I’m looking forward to the weekend. I don’t plan on watching too much football as I can’t watch the Deadskins anymore. I guess I’m all over X-Stretch.

Keep it strong, Keep it Risickulous

P90X Day 31 Corn Cob Pull Ups

P90X Day 31 – Corn Cob Pull Ups

As the title suggests today was a day for some meat and potatoes or should I say the Back and Biceps. This was the first day I did the back and bicep workout DVD and it rolled me over just like the other day. I felt like I was in one big super set. Although I know you can hit pause on the DVD, I still felt the break between sets was too fast. Bang Bang Bang. It was one after the other. Corn Cob Pull-ups were insane and if you’ve done them before I think you would agree. The arms turned to spaghetti too early and there was no looking back. In the end, I felt a huge workout on both the back and biceps and maybe next time I will try to slow it up a little to get more out of it. I totally needed the P90X Recovery drink right after the Ab Ripper X section. Working out the Abs gets a bit easier everyday, but no where am I near crushing it.

Tomorrow is a good day for Yoga X.

Protein Shake

Protein Shake

I will most likely start with a protein shake in the morning since I’ve been sticking to phase two of the nutrition plan. I’m totally looking forward to it. If you have a good protein shake recipe please share.

Keep it strong, Keep it Risickulous