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The Day Before Day 1

This is a critical day because today is the day where I see where I’m out and what I can do. P90x gives you a fitness test before you start the full program. It shouldn’t be to hard, right? Well it is more of an emotional thing than anything, because unless you’ve done these tests before, you really don’t know where you stand.

Here are my results for the Fitness Test. I have know way of comparing it to anything, but come Day 90, I should see some improvement.

Body Fat – 21%

Resting Hear Rate – 54

Pull Ups – 6

Vertical Leap – 15

Push Ups – 54

Inches Past my toes Stretch – 1.5

In and Outs to failure – 41

Seated Wall Squat – 60 Seconds (Killer)

Arm Curls to Failure – 16 Reps – 30lbs

First Hear Rate Max – 108

Third Heart Rate – 74

Out of all these things, I really thought I had a much higher vertical leap. I plan to work on this since in the past I always put legs last in my workouts. My wall squat was pathetic and it hurt really bad. I’m pretty sure I will be able to do more pushups and curls after 90 days it is just a matter of how many. Test complete, so that is a good sign of progress and now I rest up and get ready for Day 1 which is Chest and Back. I’m ready to rock this thing. It’s time to go eat a snack of sting cheese or carrots and hummus.

Here are the Day One Pictures.

P90X Live Results