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P90X Day 48 P90X Kenpo

In the face, in the gut, in the face, in the gut. This workout finished up my week in perfect style. I’ve said this before, but I wasn’t a huge fan of Kenpo X and didn’t really care for it. The last few times have just been perfect. I even had my 4 year old throwing punches and ball kicks. It was fantastic. Good times. It may be helping that I’m getting some significant air on my X jacks. Overall, just a great workout.

I’m looking forward to rest day tomorrow, although I plan to stretch quite a bit. We start another recovery week next week. I totally want to be prepared for that, knowing Core Synergistics is right around the corner.

Oh yea, if any of you X’ers are doing Kenpo tomorrow, don’t bang those joints..
Keep it strong, Keep it Risickulous