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P90X Day 19 – Leg Squats

I was pumped to do legs this week and it finally arrived with perfect timing. Probably my weakest muscles, I was able to push through all the exercises with a lot of power. I did fatigue on a couple movements, but overall I was pretty amped with my performance. The back exercises were also done very well until the end where I used the chair to get more repetitions. I also did Ab Ripper as well, which was tough. I was almost able to do all the mason twists at the end, but was just too wasted at that point. I finished the workout the some recovery drink which kicked in just right. I felt really good soon after.

Tomorrow is Kenpo X and then we are on to week four that includes a couple new DVD’s, so this should be good. I also take some Day 20 pictures tomorrow, so they should be posted sometime tomorrow as well. I’m looking to end week three on a high note, and I’m excited about working out with my wife as well. This should be fun. Keep pressing play and I’ll talk to you soon.

Keep it strong, Keep it Risickulous