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P90X – It’s Time

It’s time for me to get my health back in shape and to be honest, it’s time for me to get my health in the best shape it has ever been. So my dilemma was what should I do? Do I go to a gym where I pay so much a month only to go the first couple of weeks and then I start bailing, and waste money? Do I make up my own routine for the basement with weights and some cardio only to realize I’m not working hard enough? I really need something that would kick my butt and put me in a spot I’ve never been before. This is where I saw a p90x commercial or should I say infomercial. I had not seen it in over a year and here it was talking right to me. Good job marketing people.

I decided to do my research online and see the results from real people, not just the ones on TV. I start reading these amazing stories of strength building and weight loss and the motivation to keep you going. I was truly amazed how many people have either completed the 90 days or are working through them right now. This is when I said to myself, geez, if I can’t commit to something for 90 days I will not be in the best shape of my life. So, I decided to purchase the program and prove to myself that I can be much healthier in 90days.

This blog is a story of My P90x Results and the trials and tribulations that I’m going through during these 90 days. There will be pictures of proof, and some statistics taken of my results. I will share as much information as I can to show you that if I can do this program most of you can do it as well. I will include some of my nutritional habits and daily goals. This is going to kick my ass, but in a sense, I’m looking forward to it.

Here are some of the things I was doing up until Day 1. I would run my two dogs for about 1 mile 2-3 times a week and I would rotate several weight lifting exercises on those days. Push ups, pull ups, curls, and a few other obvious lifting techniques. After running the first few days I really started feeling good, but I knew this was not enough. This is when I knew I needed to take this to the next level. At this point, I was looking forward to my DVD’s to come and one day they showed up at my house. Fantastic.

The first thing I looked at was not the big DVD booklet holding 13 DVD’s; it was the huge nutritional plan guide. Oh boy, this might be harder than the workout. I knew I had to cut out the soda, bad Carbs, doughnuts, ice cream and all my favorites, but this had to be done. So for about a week I started eating much healthier cutting out almost every thing you shouldn’t eat. The one thing I missed most was that 3 Tablespoons of Half and Half or .50./.50 as I like to call it, in my coffee every morning. Skim milk does not cut the acidity in the coffee. This will take some time to get used to for sure. It had to be done.

So after a week, I planned out when Day 1 will occur. This was hard, because the workout requires a lot more time than I was used to giving. That day is August 31, 2009, otherwise known as D-Day. I’m excited and nervous, thinking what if I can’t do these exercises and routines. All I can say is do my best and results will come. As long as I keep it fun, the motivation will not be a factor, but we shall see what I’m made of.

I’m look forward to this test and I plan to give 100%. 90 Days, no big deal Right?

DAY 1 – Bring It Baby.