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P90X Day 6

You know that feeling when you get up after a big work out the day before, and you just don’t know if you can make it to the bathroom. Yea, that is what I was feeling this AM. It was a tough get out of bed morning, but soon after a couple of stretches I was ready to go. I was expecting it, and understood, if you don’t workout your muscles you are going to be sore. No questions asked, just get ready for the day.

I ate a pretty big breakfast this morning, high levels of protein to try and help the muscle repair time. By mid day I was ready for Kenpo X. I was excited to press play and so it began and then it stopped. I was having some serious issues with the DVD throughout the whole routine. I never really found a rhythm because of it. I will try and make a new copy seeing there are scratches on the DVD.

Although a strong workout, I will get into more detail next time, since I was a bit disappointed in the DVD issue. I’m glad it came at the end of the week however, since my body was taking a pounding and I needed some kind of break.

Speaking of breaks tomorrow is a day of rest or X stretch. No pounding. The key here is to keep eating right and get ready for the next day.

Keep it strong, Keep it Risickulous