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Insanity Injury

I got through 29 days and all hell broke loose. I was warming up like I’ve been doing for the past month and I felt some pain in my calf. Of course, for some reason I said to myself I should stop, but guess what, I kept pushing through the pain. Within about 10 minutes, boom, pop, blah. I felt my calf explode. It was brutal. This was the worst injury I’ve had in many years. I walked with a pretty bad limp for five days. I think I got lucky not tearing something and only straining it.

By the end of the 7th day of not doing anything but upper body workouts, I was starting to feel pretty good, but not 100%. I felt like an NFL injury report where the player can play, but is not 100%. Now I know what that means. Since I was on my recovery week I decided to start again. This workout went fairly well, but I had some pain. The next day I tried it again and could only make it through the first 5 minutes. That was a clear sign for me to stay on the sidelines.

I decided to take another week off. Just this past Monday more then 2 weeks after the injury I picked Insanity back up for the second half. Wow, was that a wake up call. The calf feels great, but the rest of my body is sore. I’m just happy to be doing these workouts again. I was still working out during my injury timeout. I was doing tons of push ups, pull ups, biceps, shoulders, triceps and it actually felt really good after doing so much cardio for a month straight.

Day 30-1
Max Interval Circuit – I thought the first 30 days was tough. This stuff is risickulous.

More about this in the future.