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Insanity on Fire

I just finished day four of this insanity workout program and I have to say, the Insane word fits it really well. Seriously, who would call a workout program Insanity if it was easy. Even during the Fit Test, which is a workout in itself, gets your heart rate way up and the sweet poring. I was honestly huffing and puffing like crazy. With an intense interval training program that is turned upside down, you know that there is no easy way through this. You really need to bring it. As Shaun T says, you have to dig deeper.


Going through the warm up on the second day I was wondering, if this is the warm up; what is the real workout like. You get the blood pumping right away. You do several exercises and then you repeat, but each time you go faster. There are some rest periods in between, but those go super fast. Honestly this is the toughest workout, cardio wise that I’ve ever done.

The one thing I really like about this program is the time length of each video. Yea you get crushed, but when it is under 40 minutes, that is huge. Those 20 minutes really make a difference when it came to P90x. If these workouts were 60 minutes, you would literally have to quit before it was finished. It is that tough.

That’s it for now. As I move forward, I will keep everyone in the loop.