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P90X Day 47 Pull Up Workout

Today was legs and back. After a week of sub-par workouts, I was finally able to bring it. It’s been a tough week stress wise for sure. This workout was dedicated to that stress, more like an attack on the stress. I really used to hate leg workouts, but this one makes it so much more fun then going to the gym and doing squats. Not that I ever really did that either. This Legs and Back routine really shows p90x results as you move through this program. From looking at my worksheets, it’s amazing how many more repetitions I’m getting since the first day.

When a good workout is clipping you know it after the first 10 minutes. Today, I knew it after I did 19 reverse chin ups in the first set. The whole time I was writing down 1-3 reps more than my last time. My theory behind this is when I was only getting 5-10 in the first few weeks, I would use a heavy band and super set the back exercise right after I did the pull ups. This is really starting to pay its dividends. Although the support of the chair is nice, I like to get really good form with the bands later on in the set. If someone asks me if I would recommend it, my answer would be Hell Yea.

The only thing that was slacking a bit was AB ripper X. This thing is still my thorn right now. Working hard still so that is all that matters. Kenpo X tomorrow people, so be ready.

Keep it strong, Keep it Risickulous