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So, you committed yourself to P90X and the intense training that comes with it.  Not only did you decide to focus on your exercise and fitness you’ve discovered a whole new way of thinking when it comes to your health.  This doesn’t mean you just buy the DVD from the infomercial or QVC. This means you understand what is going on with your workout routines, your body, and your nutrition.  There is one aspect of the workout that comes into play on almost all videos.  It’s what to do right after you just killed an awesome Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps workout or any other DVD.  You burned tons of calories and your body is poised to take in some of those vital nutrients it needs to recover quicker.  Now, this is no miracle formula, but the P90X Recovery Drink may be one of the top things on your list to consider while following this program.  Besides the weights, bands, dvds, mats, the nutritional aspect is vital to your success.  The p90X recovery drink is one of those vital aspects.

P90X Recovery Drink After Workout

P90X Recovery Drink After Workout

My P90X Recovery Drink Review is based on how i use it and how I feel about it. Please make sure you contact a nutritionist about the affects of this supplement. A little disclaimer there, but it’s important. The way I use it is based on the workout that day or how much I ate prior to the workout at hand.  I tend to workout just before lunch, so I need to consider my intake before I drink the recovery fluids.  This could interfere with my lunch schedule and should I have my drink right after the workout,  I will have to wait at least 30 minutes until I eat.  This drink is not a meal replacement, so the hunger settles in fast.  I also start drinking during a couple of the routines to speed up the intake if I’m later in the day.

My P90x Recovery Drink Table
Workout Routine P90X Recovery Drink During Workout
Chest and Back Yes No
Plyometrics Yes Yes
Shoulders and Arms Yes No
Yoga X No No
Legs and Back Yes Yes
Kenpo X Yes No
X Stretch No No
Core Synergistics Yes Yes
Chest Shoulder Triceps Yes No
Back and Biceps Yes No
AB Ripper X Yes No
Cardio X N/A N/A

The chart above shows the many days where I use the drink, which means I have a serious intake of P90X in my system. Now let’s learn about what is inside the P90x Peak Performance Drink.

Some Nutritional Facts about the drink that you may consider before buying your tub of joy.

P90X Nutritional Facts

P90X Nutritional Facts

This of course is an every day Nutrition Facts label found on all foods and beverages in the USA.  Looking through the list everything looks to be normal. Theses are things you see on vitamin packages and other supplements, but once you get to the bottom you focus in on three ingredients that you may not know to much about.  Let’s focus on those.

L-Arginine 700MG – is an a-amino acid. The L-form is one of the 20 most common natural amino acids. Its codons are CGU, CGC, CGA, CGG, AGA, and AGG. In mammals, arginine is classified as a semi essential or conditionally essential amino acid, depending on the developmental stage and health status of the individual. Infants are unable to meet their requirements and thus arginine is nutritionally essential for infants.[citation needed] Arginine was first isolated from a lupin seedling extract in 1886 by the Swiss chemist Ernst Schultze.  More Information on L-Arginine

L-Glutamine 500mg – is one of the 20 amino acids encoded by the standard genetic code. Its side chain is an amide formed by replacing the side-chain hydroxyl of glutamic acid with an amine functional group. It can therefore be considered the amide of glutamic acid. Its codons are CAA and CAG. Glutamine is an analog of Theanine. In human blood glutamine is the most abundant free amino acid with a concentration of about 500-900. More information on L-Glutamine

Creatine Monohydrate 500mg – is a nitrogenous organic acid that occurs naturally in vertebrates and helps to supply energy to muscle. Creatine was identified in 1832 when Michel Eugène Chevreul discovered it as a component of skeletal muscle, which he later named creatine after the Greek word for flesh, Kreas. More Information on Creatine Monohydrate

I didn’t want to get all scientific with you, but this will save you some of your research time and you can learn about what you are actually putting in your body. Should you decide to use this product just be aware of what is involved. Ask questions to the right people for the best answers.

I for one, love this drink and since I started using the P90X recovery drink I’ve noticed changes after workouts when I do use it and when I didn’t in the past. It’s tasty as well, so that is a plus.

Comparable or Alternative products include:
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Here is a quick video on how easy it is to create a P90X Recovery Drink

The next question is, how much is this tub of powder and can I get it for a cheap discount. Unfortunately this product does not run cheap, so you will have to fork over the $43.95 for your 30 day supply. I would not buy this product from EBAY or any other after market sites, since you don’t have the stamp of approval by BeachBody, the creators of this drink. All in all the price you pay is hefty, but completely worth it. Remember what you are working for, YOU. This is no joke about your health, this is real deal stuff and taking available supplements along the way is an added bonus. You still have to put in the mega hours of work, so don’t think this stuff is going to make you bigger. It will only supplement what you are trying to do, which is making yourself feel great.

If you have some words, please share, as it could help others on their P90x Journey.

4 thoughts on “P90X Recovery Drink”

  1. In the chart you check Ab Ripper X as “yes,” to take the recovery drink. SInce Ab Ripper X is normally scheduled on the same days as strength training does that mean to take it twice in one day, or take it once after you have done both strength training and Ab ripper X one right after the other, or twice if the workouts are not done one right after another on the same day?

  2. I would only have the recovery drink after a big workout. I usually do both the resistance and then do the ab ripper right after. If you had to break it out, I would only drink it after the core workout and do something later in the day after ripper. I hope that helps.

  3. being in the military i work out twice in the day. mornings i do my regular pt which ranges from mild to something heavy like 100+ push and sit ups and then a 4 mile run right afterwards. should i take the recover drink after my morning pt as well and then again later in the day?


  4. I usually only work out once a day so this means I only have the recovery drink once a day. Since you are working out twice, I would have it with the morning workout and have some kind of alternative in the evening. You may be over doing it by taking it twice a day, not to mention it will get super expensive. There are other methods out there, that may be suitable for your needs.

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