P90X Day 90 WOW

I’m not asking for an award or anything, but finishing the P90x 90 day routine was extremely difficult and amazing at the same time. I wasn’t sure how serious I was going to be. The first two months I was really cranking out on both the workout side and nutritional side. The third month was more about the workout routines then the nutrition. Sometimes making a lifestyle change can be very difficult. Following the workouts seven days a week definitely became easier after the first few weeks, but the time commitment was still a factor.

Overall I feel my P90X results were fantastic. I lost weight, built muscle mass, lost body fat percentage and the most important thing of all, I feel amazing. I can’t express this enough. This workout routine kicks your ass. That is the beautiful thing about it. You get worked over hand and foot, but in the end you have something to show for it. A really great workout that I would recommend to anyone looking to get in shape and get there life back in order.

I will have all my pictures up later today or tomorrow. I’m also working on a big p90x review page for all the people reading this that my not know if it is for them or not. This will be pretty descriptive.

P90X Live Results

5 thoughts on “P90X Day 90 WOW”

  1. Congrats Partner!

    I’m proud of your commitment as well as your accomplishments. I apologize we can’t graduate on the same day as I had planned, but I will be reporting my finish a week from today or Tuesday. I’ll also look forward to your finishing pictures and then discuss what’s next. Up for Round 2 or will it be P90X Plus? I’m hoping to get P90X Plus for Christmas and in so doing can not only take it to a higher level but also shake up the routines a bit.

    Regardless, great job again Rich!

  2. Great job finishing p90x! Hopefully I will have a full understanding of this statement in 90 days myself, I start Monday. Thanks for sharing your experience with the program. I enjoyed reading your daily entries and am more motivated than ever. Keep it up.

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