P90X Day 82 Legs and Back

After 82 days of working out these are the areas that got the most punishment. My legs were weak to begin with, so coming into this fitness program, I knew I had a lot to work on. It wasn’t that I was scared of the workout, just not sure of what it would take. After so many times, I can say that the leg workout is perfect. Not only do I see the results in my legs I feel them when ever they are engaged. This has me pretty excited.

As for my back, pull-ups are a lot of peoples nightmares. How many people really liked climbing ropes when they were a kid. Only the ones that could do it. The numbers were one sided. Not that many kids could climb the rope well. That was me. I could hardly do 1-2-3 pullups, but as of today, I know I can at least do 21. I’m going to take my after 90 day test to see where that stands. If I can do 25, then I’m one happy P90x Graduate.

Eight Days left. :-)

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