P90X Day 67 Yoga X

Half moon was like me landing on it today. A bit of the Neil Armstrong in me was kicking in. Although I do have my conspiracy theories that we never went to the moon, but that is for a different website. I was really able to hold poses for much longer than in the past without much pain. I felt my legs really working smart versus struggling a bit. Again, time is not on my side these days, but I was able to do the Yoga. There was plenty of scattered thoughts running through my head, but they were all positive.

P90x has made me more of a positive person as well. I like seeing P90X.com results for myself, but it fascinates me when people I don’t even know are getting it done as well. This really is a life changer for a lot of people. I hope for the newbies that you just stick with it. Make it your lifestyle for 90 days, then decide. Like I said in many of my older posts, Keep it Strong, Keep it Risicklous.

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