P90X Day 36 Plyometrics Push Ups Baby

Monday got off to a slow start for my body. It was dragging way behind until at least snack time this morning. I did have a Pure Protein Protein Bar, which got me going about an hour later. I commenced my Chest, Shoulders, Triceps workout with a lot more weight and less reps. Although the Chest exercises were mostly push ups for the shoulders and Triceps I pushed the weight up at least five pounds if not more on some of the moves.
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The flow was great and I was really excited about today. P90x results should come out of this for sure. After 50 minutes of non stop training you are going to see results. Stay committed is what I keep saying to myself and my wife and it is working. Too sum up after to hearing my buddy was flying like a frog last night with his kids I decided to do some Plyometrics Push-ups and I was totally impressed by the 11 reps I was able to do. I got completely off the ground by a good mark, but by the end I was definitely slowing down. A great work out. I’ll be ready for the real Plyometrics workout tomorrow, so stay tuned for more P90X Results WorkOUT information.

Keep it strong, Keep it Risickulous

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