P90X Day 2

What the hell is plyometrics? This is the first thing I thought when I read the DVD jacket. I knew this was going to be a cardio routine, but was I in for a surprise. Wow, this thing rocks you. Even if your room is cold, you will break a major sweat. After watching and performing plyometrics it became official that I knew what it was.

A lot of power movements and constant flow keep your heart rate up and you working hard. The DVD provides you the whole routine and all you need is some water, a mat and a towel. A great day 2 for sure.

I was working a sweat even in the warm up and what it came down to was patience and making sure I kept breathing. Holding your breathe is the worst thing you can do. I didn’t press pause, but there were times I wish I did. I never really did a cardio routine on DVD or in a gym so this was a great way to get introduced.

Each exercise was different with the same thing in mind. Let your body work in an efficient way and gain strength at the same time. I was blown away at the end and I was more excited I didn’t need to follow it up with the Ab routine. Yikes.

This will definietly burn some calories.

Take care all and we’ll talk Day 3 tomorrow.

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