P90X Day 1

Here we are, and I just completed Day 1 of the p90x workout routine (Chest and Back) as well as the AB Ripper X which follows the one hour work out. Wow, am I wasted right now. I might have pushed a little too hard on Day one, but I felt that was the thing to do. I’m really excited. I’ve been eating well for a week and to kick off a workout like this is just awesome. Tony Horton knows that people want workout results and already I’m motivated. Fresh looking video and the time stamp below telling you where you are in the routine is fabulous. A nice touch for sure.

All I can say is we did a lot of different exercises and these were all killer moves with and exclamation point. I used to do maybe 3 sets of 6 pull-ups each, this has you doing six different back exercises two times each doing as many reps as you can. Sick or what I like to say is Risickulous. The flow is great though, after warm-ups you move right in alternating the chest then back and so on. It’s just a great routine that grows on you.

The chest exercises were just as hard and put a lot of emphasis on pushups. That makes it nice for someone that doesn’t have a lot of room or weights.

Following the chest and back I thought I was done, but forgot that after certain exercise you are supposed to work the Abs. I’m not going, to lie. I was screaming during some of these abs moves. These are not crunches; these are serious moves that make you work. I couldn’t even finish each exercise. Each one was made up of 25 or more reps. It was very painful, but I knew giving it my all was critical. Out of the 375 repetitions he says they do I maybe did 200 reps. This may sound weak, but wait until you try it. This is one area I need to work on. Especially since my Abs are weak, giving way to painful lower back.

I need to go eat and rest. Day 2 tomorrow.

After your workout area is setup and you have all the right equipment including the TV and DVD player. You are all set.

Here is what I have in my workout area
Pull-Up Bar and leg raise bar pictured here

Body Solid Chin Up Bar

Body Solid Chin Up Bar

Push Up Bars
Barbells up to 35 lbs
Bands of all sizes and weights
4 Mats, Yoga, Stretch, Workouts like Abs
A workout bench, but a chair is fine

Things I need to get:
Heart Rate Monitor
A nice clock
Need lots of towels

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