P90X Back Pictures – Start to Finish

A look at my back.  These pictures were taken without the blockhead, so they look a little more real.  Once I get to Day 90 I will show my face.

Here is a moving gallery.

Day 1 Biceps From Back

Picture 1 of 10

Day 1 Biceps From Back

4 thoughts on “P90X Back Pictures – Start to Finish”

  1. Considering I’m only 32 days in I’m not sure if that qualify’s me as a coach. Would you want to advertise on my site until I’m ready?

  2. Anybody can be a coach. Don’t get the title of “coach” be a reason not to join. Many people succeed with their fitness goals even more as they are committed to something more than just the workouts.

    Go to www.http://BeachBodyCoach.com/wrkoutjorney and click on Coach to learn more.

    You should be promoting the products on your site instead of me.

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