Nike Free Sparq 09 Review

I’ve been plugging away at these hard core workouts for over 30 days and I decided it was imperative that I get myself a good pair of training shoes.  My old sneakers were just not cutting it anymore. They were some old Adidas running shoes that were not well made and I knew that when I originally bought them.   I didn’t need to spend a lot of money on sneakers if I wasn’t going to use them for the purpose they were slated for. These were more or less just a casual shoe to go outside in with the kids or dogs, not to do P90X.  Of course the treads were wearing out and they just didn’t have the support I needed for exercises like Plyometrics.
Nike - Nike Free Sparq '09 (Anthracite/Challenge Red-Black) - Footwear
When it comes to buying shoes the extra dollar you may pay is worth it in most cases. It’s like when you go and buy toilet paper, you know better than to buy the one ply, razor sharp toilet paper. You spend the extra 31% on a better toilet paper because you know that you’ll be OK in the long run.  For shoes it is similar, sometimes you need just a cheap pair of shoes and other times you need more expensive shoes for the particular function you are using them for.  In this case I know a quality shoe will be very beneficial to my P90X workouts.  I do a majority of my shopping online, whether for shoes, or computer equipment there are so many better deals then going to your local mall. For these Nike Free Sparqs 09, I placed the order from a leading shoe retailer named If you’ve never heard of them, then should get to know them when it comes to shoes.

Here is the power of shopping online, especially for shoes. No crowds, No traveling, No taxes, Free Shipping – Both ways should they not fit, and of course they are usually cheaper than a brick and mortar store in the mall. You can browse through 1000’s of shoes instantly and purchase them in minutes.  Two days later they will arrive at your door and should you not like them or if they don’t fit, all you have to do is send them back.  The money is either refunded or exchanged for a new pair.   No brainier.  Who has time to try on shoes any more. With over an hour a day being eaten up by workouts this was a huge time savings.  Shopping online is a gift and a godsend. Now back to the topic at hand.

The Nike Free Sparq 09 Review
I purchased these shoes with the intent of pushing them to the limit during my P90X run of 90 days. A good workout shoe is critical to your feet, knees and the rest of your body. This workout has a fair amount of impact, so having a good training shoe was a must. After the UPS guy delivered them to my front door, I was able to wear them the next day for the Legs and Back workout. The first thing I noticed was how light they were.  So light, I almost felt like there was nothing on my feet. They really felt agile in the lunges and anything where there was impact movements. I had good traction and I felt my ankles were in the right spots and protected.

I had read reviews that these shoes ran a little small so I added a half size and it worked out perfectly. They fit snug and are very comfortable. I have to say if the durability lasts these may be the best Nike Shoes I’ve bought since my first pair of Nike Air Jordan’s back in the day. Good job Nike.  I only plan to wear these shoes for P90x until after the 90 days are over, so hopefully they won’t be exposed to out side elements.  I’m looking forward to rocking these shoes for many more workouts.  The image below will take you to the web page for more information.

Here are the Nike Free Sparq 09 – Stay Committed
Nike - Nike Free Sparq '09 (Anthracite/Challenge Red-Black) - Footwear

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  1. I recommend going to the store and trying the shoes on and then ordering them online. You can try on many different ones and find the right size too since like you said some fit differently. I play ice hockey and many people buy their ice skates this way because you generally are stuck with them once you wear them.

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