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P90X2 is Coming Soon

There has been a lot of chatter about the new P90x2 workout by Tony Horton and BeachBody. I think a lot of people are just waiting to workout just to get these DVD’s. However, this is the best time to get your body acclimated before you hit the 90 days of super intense workouts that P90x2 will bring. These workouts will be even more difficult than before and you better be ready.

Obviously there will be some repetition, but if you are just getting off the couch, please note, you will get your ass kicked more than others that have been doing some work.

P90x2 Results

We’ll let you know as soon as P90X2 comes out and hopefully give you a solid review. Good Luck out there.

Revisit Back and Bicep Workout

It’s been a while since my last P90x workout using the videos. Obviously over the past year I’ve incorporated plenty of the moves in my workouts, both at home and in the gym. This past Saturday, I just didn’t have enough time to make it to the gym. I decided to do the good ole PULL Back and Bicep workout. Wow, was I in for a treat.

The P90x workouts are some of the best videos on the market, if not the best. When I was doing it full on, I saw the results and then some. I knew going back to any of the selected workouts would be a challenge. I did my best and forgot the rest.

I can honestly say it was one of my best workouts for these two muscle groups in a while. I just blasted my back and biceps nonstop. I even did some Ab Ripper X after everything was said and done. I’m definitely going to mix in more of these workouts with my gym membership. They are too good not to use. I would also highly recommend you revisit these workouts if you haven’t done them for some time.

With so many different moves in one workout you wonder how you even compete with this at the gym. Now I know I need to step up my game for sure to see even better results.

Goal – Bench 225 lbs 2-3 times by August.

The GYM – Oh My Gosh!

I said that three letter word I thought I wouldn’t say for some time.

It’s now been a full year since I completed my first round of P90x and Insanity.  I do feel great, but not nearly like I did when I finished those two programs. Completing insanity in the early summer, I soon kicked off a pretty good running routine. Running was never my thing because of my weak legs. After completing Insanity, I knew this wouldn’t be an issue anymore.

I started off with some one mile runs and eventually was cranking out 4 mile runs. Since the weather has changed to the dark side, I can’t run outside anymore. All I have is an elliptical and that is worthless to me. This leaves me with no other choice. The GYM.

I plan to workout at the Gym, three times a week, with my focus being on the treadmill. I will of course due a lot of body work as well. I just don’t have time to spend hours at the gym. The gym is also good for my mental state as well. Since I work from home, getting out there with other people in this winter tundra will hopefully keep my sanity in check.

If you are on the fence about buying p90x, then it’s time to get off. It took me over a year to finally buy it. And guess what, here comes the new years resolution push. You will soon see tons of P90x commercials on your TV. It’s an awesome program and it will whip you into shape. Give it a go and you’ll be glad you did.

P90x Results Now

Insanity on Fire

I just finished day four of this insanity workout program and I have to say, the Insane word fits it really well. Seriously, who would call a workout program Insanity if it was easy. Even during the Fit Test, which is a workout in itself, gets your heart rate way up and the sweet poring. I was honestly huffing and puffing like crazy. With an intense interval training program that is turned upside down, you know that there is no easy way through this. You really need to bring it. As Shaun T says, you have to dig deeper.


Going through the warm up on the second day I was wondering, if this is the warm up; what is the real workout like. You get the blood pumping right away. You do several exercises and then you repeat, but each time you go faster. There are some rest periods in between, but those go super fast. Honestly this is the toughest workout, cardio wise that I’ve ever done.

The one thing I really like about this program is the time length of each video. Yea you get crushed, but when it is under 40 minutes, that is huge. Those 20 minutes really make a difference when it came to P90x. If these workouts were 60 minutes, you would literally have to quit before it was finished. It is that tough.

That’s it for now. As I move forward, I will keep everyone in the loop.

Time Flies P90X Style

It’s been a while since my last post and I feel bad about it. I’ve been caught up in so many other projects and family that time was a huge factor. Today, I finally put some time aside to write a quick post to all my p90x results blog readers.

If you’re new to P90x then this site will share my journey with you. If you are an old timer then I must say after several months off I have to admit I miss the program. I’ve been working out 3-4 times a week focusing more on resistance training and adding cardio like plyometrics and kenpo x where i see fit. These workouts are about 30-40 minutes and they’ve helped me stay balanced, however I feel it is time to kick up a notch. Especially since summer is coming up, I want to be ready.

I’m off too Florida in early March, but when I get back I plan to start the 60 day Insanity program. This may be a total debacle, but I think I’m ready for it. I’m pretty sure I will be begging for my p90x DVD’s after a couple of days with Insanity. I just hope to rock it out like I did p90X

Here is a look at Tony Horton’s latest program which is One on One with Tony Horton

A New Decade for P90X

Here we are in a new decade. You’re reading this blog looking for information on P90X. Now is the time to commit to yourself and your health. Get started today and feel the best you’ve ever felt after 90 days. This is not something you just pick up at the local store. You have to really commit to this program and the changes you want will come.

I finished my 90 days over 30 days ago and I still feel great. Even during the holidays I was still working out. Yes, I slowed down a bunch due to my time constraints, but overall I’m still in amazing shape. I like to motivate people when I think it is very important. Your health may be the most important thing you have going on right now. You’ve seen the P90X infomercials and the results speak for themselves. My P90x Results may give you some motivation as well.

Bring it. Get your exclusive copy today.

P90X Day 90 WOW

I’m not asking for an award or anything, but finishing the P90x 90 day routine was extremely difficult and amazing at the same time. I wasn’t sure how serious I was going to be. The first two months I was really cranking out on both the workout side and nutritional side. The third month was more about the workout routines then the nutrition. Sometimes making a lifestyle change can be very difficult. Following the workouts seven days a week definitely became easier after the first few weeks, but the time commitment was still a factor.

Overall I feel my P90X results were fantastic. I lost weight, built muscle mass, lost body fat percentage and the most important thing of all, I feel amazing. I can’t express this enough. This workout routine kicks your ass. That is the beautiful thing about it. You get worked over hand and foot, but in the end you have something to show for it. A really great workout that I would recommend to anyone looking to get in shape and get there life back in order.

I will have all my pictures up later today or tomorrow. I’m also working on a big p90x review page for all the people reading this that my not know if it is for them or not. This will be pretty descriptive.

P90X Live Results

P90X Day 89 Core Synergistics on the Road

For some reason when I played the Core Synergistics’s DVD it failed to launch. I have no idea, but I didn’t let that stop me from doing my workout. I found a guy on that banged out the whole routine from start to finish. I was able to hear Tony Horton in the background pretty easily. On rep counts I was able to follow Tony using Youtube. It made it a lot easier to run through the workout. In the end this was a great core workout. It was the first time I did it with bands. Usually I use weights, but I wasn’t going to travel with them. I got some intense resistance from the bands. It just felt good to complete day 89. Now we are on to Day 90.

Unreal how far I’ve come. I’m looking forward to completing the final day tomorrow and posting my pictures. They will most like be up on Sunday due to travel. They will be there soon enough.

P90X Day 87 Run Dogs then Kenpo X

Getting up this morning I knew time was limited since I was hitting the road for the Thanksgiving Day holiday. I was lucky to not only get my Kenpo X workout in, but I ran my two dogs prior to the workout. I also beat the rain by 20 minutes, so that worked out real well. The run wasn’t very far. It allowed me to get a great warm up going.

KenpoX just kicks butt, literally. It is fun and it works on your balance. Front kicks to back kicks without touching the ground are my favorites. Just remember you make these workouts as you want them to be.

Keep it Strong, Keep it Risickulous.

P90X Day 86 Core Synergistics Baby

This workout is perfect during a recovery week since you are working so many muscles in this routing, but not as hard as you would on an say a Back and Biceps day. You get the blood going early on and it doesn’t let up until you are done with the workout. I’m going to try and do Kenpo X in the morning before I hit the road to finish these 90 days up in style and hopefully I see the P90X Results I’ve been wanting.

P90X Day 85 Yoga X Starts it Off

It was time to kick in some Yoga today, which felt nice when it was done. I was not completely into it, but knew this was crunch time it was imperative that I finish. Feeling this good for a reason.

I’m looking forward to some Core Synergistics tomorrow, which always gets the blood pumping and the sweat flowing. It’s crazy how the numbers work out. It shouldn’t really affect my results, but there is a little interference.

Day 86 – Core at home
Day 87 – Kenpo X – then on the road
Day 88 – Thanksgiving
Day 89 – Away
Day 90 – On the road

Somewhere on these last few days I will have to find time and a place to do Yoga, Core, and Kenpo. Should be interesting.

P90X Day 83 Kenpo X

I just finished my 12th week of P90X. Not one workout was missed during the first 12 weeks. This is a true accomplishment for me. This is also not the time to get complacent. I want to finish up strong during my final week, which has a huge obstacle. Not only is it Thanksgiving, I’ll be on the road, so getting these final workouts in may be difficult to fit in. I’ll just have to do my best and forget the rest.
Thanksgiving is coming

P90X Day 82 Legs and Back

After 82 days of working out these are the areas that got the most punishment. My legs were weak to begin with, so coming into this fitness program, I knew I had a lot to work on. It wasn’t that I was scared of the workout, just not sure of what it would take. After so many times, I can say that the leg workout is perfect. Not only do I see the results in my legs I feel them when ever they are engaged. This has me pretty excited.

As for my back, pull-ups are a lot of peoples nightmares. How many people really liked climbing ropes when they were a kid. Only the ones that could do it. The numbers were one sided. Not that many kids could climb the rope well. That was me. I could hardly do 1-2-3 pullups, but as of today, I know I can at least do 21. I’m going to take my after 90 day test to see where that stands. If I can do 25, then I’m one happy P90x Graduate.

Eight Days left. :-)