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Final Insanity Week

Tania, I’ve been watching you rock these same videos over and over again. I’m now beating your beautiful body in that fit test and here I come for my final week. After getting held up by my calf injury I was able to recuperate and get back to 100%. These workouts are super intense, and all I can say is, yes I’m glad I did them, but I’m so looking forward to the end.

I knew this workout was insane, but I never knew it would make you sweat so much that you’re wiping your face every other minute. I couldn’t tell you how many times my mat got slippery in a pool of sweat. I want to end on a good note and really finish up strong. I already have plans for my workouts after these are done, but the final week is where you see the results. Just like my p90x results, I’m definitely seeing insanity results. The heart is working well and my stamina is increasing everyday.

Due to the lack of some intense muscle work, during the rest period I take an extra 30 seconds or so and bang out some pull ups, bicep curls, or shoulder presses depending on the day. These have been awesome additions to the cardio workout. I’m really starting to see the results in my biceps. I’m still a little concerned about my stomach. I know my ABS are strong as hell right now, but I still have a tiny belly. It’s not fat, just stands out a bit instead of my six pack. Unfortunately it looks like I will need to starve myself for a full six pack to show. It’s most likely genetics at this point. We shall see.

If you are just starting Insanity, P90X or any other program I wish you well. It is an uphill climb, but in the end it feels damn good.

Tania Ante Insanity

Tania Ante - Insanity

PS – Tania, if you have some time to chat I would love to hear about what you’re up to. My final fit test is coming and I really hope I crush your numbers. See you at the Top.

Insanity Injury

I got through 29 days and all hell broke loose. I was warming up like I’ve been doing for the past month and I felt some pain in my calf. Of course, for some reason I said to myself I should stop, but guess what, I kept pushing through the pain. Within about 10 minutes, boom, pop, blah. I felt my calf explode. It was brutal. This was the worst injury I’ve had in many years. I walked with a pretty bad limp for five days. I think I got lucky not tearing something and only straining it.

By the end of the 7th day of not doing anything but upper body workouts, I was starting to feel pretty good, but not 100%. I felt like an NFL injury report where the player can play, but is not 100%. Now I know what that means. Since I was on my recovery week I decided to start again. This workout went fairly well, but I had some pain. The next day I tried it again and could only make it through the first 5 minutes. That was a clear sign for me to stay on the sidelines.

I decided to take another week off. Just this past Monday more then 2 weeks after the injury I picked Insanity back up for the second half. Wow, was that a wake up call. The calf feels great, but the rest of my body is sore. I’m just happy to be doing these workouts again. I was still working out during my injury timeout. I was doing tons of push ups, pull ups, biceps, shoulders, triceps and it actually felt really good after doing so much cardio for a month straight.

Day 30-1
Max Interval Circuit – I thought the first 30 days was tough. This stuff is risickulous.

More about this in the future.

Insanity Week 2 Rest Day

I just completed my final workout of week 2 with Insanity. Although I feel pretty good this morning I definitely need the rest day to recover from this crazy workout. Even during P90x I can’t remember sweating this much. I’m burning about 500 calories a workout. Remember, most of these workouts are 40 minutes long. I know some new workouts are on the horizon, so we shall see how they do time wise and calorie wise.

Overall, I’ve been extremely happy with this workout. Like, P90X you have to be committed. If you can get through the first week or two you will find it much easier to do. The workout themselves will kick your butt and you will keep struggling along the way. You have to just keep playing the DVD and do the best you can.

I take my 2nd fit test tomorrow which is actually considered a workout as well. I will also do some pull-ups and bicep curls to complement what we’ve done so far. Being a cardio focused workout, the resistance training hasn’t really kicked in. I’m not sure if there is more resistance training in the other workouts or not. In the past two weeks we’ve done a good amount of push-ups, some shoulder work and a little tricep action. There hasn’t been direct Back or Bicep exercises. To keep my original workouts going I will supplement these exercises into the weekly routine somewhere. The newest DVD that was introduced after Pure Cardio was Cardio Abs. This is a very doable AB workout. It works your abs perfectly especially after just completing the Pure Cardio workout only moments before.

I’ll keep you posted on the Fit Test and other items that my come up.
Insanity Fit Test

Insanity on Fire

I just finished day four of this insanity workout program and I have to say, the Insane word fits it really well. Seriously, who would call a workout program Insanity if it was easy. Even during the Fit Test, which is a workout in itself, gets your heart rate way up and the sweet poring. I was honestly huffing and puffing like crazy. With an intense interval training program that is turned upside down, you know that there is no easy way through this. You really need to bring it. As Shaun T says, you have to dig deeper.


Going through the warm up on the second day I was wondering, if this is the warm up; what is the real workout like. You get the blood pumping right away. You do several exercises and then you repeat, but each time you go faster. There are some rest periods in between, but those go super fast. Honestly this is the toughest workout, cardio wise that I’ve ever done.

The one thing I really like about this program is the time length of each video. Yea you get crushed, but when it is under 40 minutes, that is huge. Those 20 minutes really make a difference when it came to P90x. If these workouts were 60 minutes, you would literally have to quit before it was finished. It is that tough.

That’s it for now. As I move forward, I will keep everyone in the loop.

Insanity Begins

It has been just over four months since I completed P90X. I couldn’t be happier with the results. After weeks of working out about 3-4 times a week of just average training, I figured I was ready to get back to Day 90 shape. This is why I chose Insanity for my program. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it, just like we all heard about P90X.

It’s not that I was losing shape or anything, but I knew I wasn’t feeling like it did since the majority of my workouts were resistance training. Since Insanity is more of a cardio first with resistance training, I feel like this can help me lose a few pounds, body fat, and cut up my looks.

Shaun T Insanity Here is my new mentor for the next 60 days plus. I plan to yell at him a lot. Especially after I just finished my Fit Test. Although I felt I did ok, that thing was pretty ridiculous. I’m actually a little scared of what is next to come. I will run through this workout as well as give my Insanity Results and Review when everything is complete.

Buy InsanityYou’ll have to stay tuned for my latest posts to see how things are progressing. I guess now it is time to get INSANE.