Are You a P90Xaholic?

Whether you’ve been working out for days, months or years you’ve definitely have made strides since when you first started working out. P90X was introduced to me a couple of years ago and I was some what impressed, but not committed enough to put in the effort. Since I’ve turned 35 and noticed that things were starting to give way, I decided to give an exercise routine a try. I was looking at Gym memberships and things on Soon after my research phase started my wife stumbled upon the good ole P90x infomercial.

She knew that she had to make a change after two kids and she was the one who was motivating me. After several days of should we get it, are we going to be wasting our money conversations we ordered P90X. It arrived after we got back from our family vacation and sat in the family room for a day, then two, then a week. At that time my wife an I had a sit down and decided to commit. We were ready for change. We were ready to BRING IT, just like the infomercial. So that next Monday we pressed play for the first time and now 38 days later are in the books.

Point of the story: now that I’m 38 days into my workout regiment, I tend to wonder if I’m addicted to this lifestyle. This page is for YOU the visitor and ME to come up with all the things that tell you that you maybe a P90XAHOLIC. I want you to share your thoughts as well, so please put in your comments in the contact form and I will post them here. More the better and we all know there are plenty. Here’s to Bringing it to the p90xAHOLICS.

Things that make you wonder if you’re a P90XAHOLIC

  • Your four year old asks you to play a game of Candyland and you say Bring It. – Rich
  • You Subscribe to Downward Dog Magazine – Chris
  • You realized the Brita in the fridge wasn’t pumping the water out enough, so installed an inline filter into your Icemaker/water line in your fridge. – Rich
  • If there is a Hawk gliding in the air you imitate Tonys Terradactyl call from arm circles.  -Mike
  • You call your son Sam the Blam. -Rich
  • You run out and buy all kinds of workout gear without thinking twice. -Anonymous
  • You can’t look at frogs without thinking “Get sexy with it!” – Becky
  • You hate AB Ripper X, but You Love It. – Caesar
  • You stop worrying about exercise name origins and you just do it. – Jeff
  • The first thing you do when you get to work is check the other P90X bloggers. -Simon
  • You are in the video store and you see a copy of Forrest Gump on DVD and think of Tony. -Simon
  • You see the max headroom sign in the parking garage and want to do pull-ups on it. -Simon
  • For once your wrists hurt from doing push-ups and crane rather than from using the computer too much. -Simon
  • You can’t do your first downward do without you dog doing it with you. -Mel
  • You start looking in the mirror a lot more than you used too. -Doug
  • You find yourself obsessively correcting people that it’s not PX90 or XP9 – get it right – it’s P90X!!! -Jeff
  • You walk into a crowd filled room and wonder “how many push-ups can that guy do?” -Jeff
  • You add phrases like Bring it and Forget the rest to your daily vocabulary – David
  • You start referring to hard daily tasks with the prefix phrase “Mother of all” – David
  • You look forward to an hour with Tony more than a Frosty from Wendy’s – David
  • You find yourself and your spouse working out on Friday and Saturday nights for date night. – Becky
  • You perform oblique v-ups and shout out, “making contact, making contact”! – Lawerence
  • Your boss asks why you haven’t finished the reports and you reply, “I do my best and forget the rest” – Chris
  • You start smiling BEFORE Tony tells you to pose for downward dog magazine. – Michael
  • Your status update is “Superman!!!Banana!!!” – Selda
  • When the next gadget you plan on buying that excites you isn’t an ipod, but a heart rate monitor that also measures calories burned. – Lincoln
  • You inform your family that you have to wake up 90 minutes earlier tomorrow and your 6 year old son says “YogaX” – Hannah

Share with every one a couple of things that may make you wonder if your a P90Xaholic.

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One thought on “Are You a P90Xaholic?”

  1. LOL, let me see if I can pull this one off:: “Your boss asks why you haven’t finished the reports and you reply, ‘I do my best and forget the rest’ – Chris

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